Building Wellness graduates contribute to sustainability.

The significant contributions that building service contractors and in-house facility management personnel make to environmental wellness and safety are worthy of recognition. The following organizations demonstrated their commitment to the health of their building occupants by completing the Building Wellness GS 42 Certification Training program.

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September 2017 Class

July 26 2017 Class

July 2017 Class

June 2017 Class

June 2017 Class

November 2016 Class

October 2016 Class

July 2016 Class

April 2016 Class

September 2015 Class

June 2015 Class

March 2014 Class

January 2014 Class

September 2013 Class

June 2013 Class

June 2013 Class

June 2013 Class

March 2013 Class

October 2012 Class

August 2012 Class

June 2012 Class

April 2012 Class

March 2012 Class

January 2012 Class

December 2011 Class

November 2011 Class

September 2011 Class

August 2011 Class

July 2011 Class

Spring 2011 Class

February 2011 Class

January 2011 Class

September 2010 Class

June 2010 Class

Howard County Schools Class

Palm Facility Class

Mont. College/Takoma Park

First Training Class Dec. 2009

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