Thirteen supervisors from Building Maintenance Services (BMS) New York office, all of whom manage the cleaning of LEED buildings, gained new insights on how the performance of their jobs help to protect health and the environment. During their participation in the recent Building Wellness Institute training program they learned that by following the Green Seal Standard for cleaning along with adopting procedures for cleaning for health, they are protecting the health and safety of their employees as well as the occupants of the buildings they clean.

BACK ROW-left to right:
Sherif Prelvukaj, David Kabashi, Rafael Herrera, Irwin Zindman, Steve Cosovic, Ali Yahya, Jack Pastwa, Naser Gjeloshi

FRONT ROW-left to right:
Stephanie Osmanovic, Samira Mustafic, Jackie Joseph, Aida Dzaferovic, Oscar Morales