Leading Expert on occupational and environmental Medicine Addresses First Graduating Class of 2011. Dr. Tee L. Guidotti, a physician, author and leading expert in occupational and environmental medicine, addressed recent graduates of the Building Wellness Institute. In his remarks, Dr. Guidotti commented on the lack of understanding about the correlation between cleaning and public health, and congratulated graduates on their vision and industry leadership in adopting the GS-42 standard. Dr. Guidotti, who has authored several books on occupational and environmental medicine, reminded graduates of the vital role that cleaning industry professionals play as stewards for protecting public health and the environment.

BACK ROW-left to right:
Estella Walker. MS Clean Services, Inc.; Jorge Massa, Palm Facility Services; Valerie Byers, Howard County Public School System; Sergio Serafini, GSI Eco Healthy Cleaning; Alan Burt, Building Health Sciences; Jean C. Moncada, GSI Eco Healthy Cleaning

FRONT ROW-left to right:
Dr. Tee Guidotti, MD, MPH, DABT, FACOEM, Vice President for Health /Safety, Environment and Sustainability Medical Advisory Services; Gloria Lopez, Total Quality Building Services; Flora Suyo, GSI Eco Healthy Cleaning; Marion Stecklow; Manuel Prado, GSI Eco Healthy Cleaning; Antonio Mariscal, ISS; Jose Suarez, Total Quality Building Services