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As part of the Prince Georges County Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative, Glassmanor Elementary School in Oxon Hill Maryland, participated in the annual National Healthy Schools Day on May 1, 2013.

The program was hosted by the Building Wellness Institute, the nations only Green Seal 42 accredited training program, the Green Seal Organization, the national standards setting organization for certification of green products and services, and Daycon, a regional distributor of green cleaning products. Several of the school’s facilities were cleaned using sustainable cleaning products, equipment and techniques.  The procedures were performed by local cleaning service providers who have achieved GS 42 certification: Bolana Enterprises, Gali Service Industries and Pioneer Building Services.  Glassmanor’s custodial staff participated and was eager to learn about the safer, healthier cleaning products and procedures that will become a part of the daily environmental hygiene procedures performed within the school facilities. Children are much more vulnerable to environmental exposures, such as cleaning chemicals, dust and allergen containing particulates which may be contributing to the rise in asthma and allergic reactions. Cleaning for health while protecting the environment is the definition of green cleaning which we hope will be adopted throughout our nation’s schools.


Students and staff at Glassmanor Elementary School

Back-left to right: Mr. Payne, Building Supervisor,
Mrs. Alston, School Secretary. (Principal Ms. Jones
was not available for the picture)

Front: Students
Jerney, 3rd Grade, Rinaldo, Kindergarten,
Turner, Kindergarten and Janiah, 2nd Grade.



Some of the volunteers on the green cleaning crew.

Left to right:

Brie Welzer and Susan Heaton from the
Green Seal organization, who walked the
walk and rolled up their sleeves to help
with the cleaning.

Vacuuming with a HEPA Filter back pack vacuum that contains 99% of the dust and particulate it picks up-rather than just moving it around from one space to another as occurs with traditional vacuum cleaners.

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