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Knollwood Case Study

Addressing Community Health and Growth Through a Green Cleaning and Environmental Wellness Strategy.

As a premier military retirement community, Knollwood has been singularly focused for over 50 years on the well-being of the members of the American military family. In addition to offering a continuum of care to best fulfill the physical and emotional needs of each resident, Knollwood has also demonstrated a commitment to the health of the environment in which its military family resides.

To deliver on its commitment to environmental wellness, the facility mandated that all new construction on the picturesque campus overlooking Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. be LEED certified. Cynthia Akins, Knollwood’s Environmental Services director, approached the Building Wellness Institute to train its building maintenance managers in green cleaning practices and help the facility achieve LEED and GS-42 certification. 

“The Building Wellness Institute’s program has enabled us to raise the bar for quality care and generate tangible results in resident satisfaction and recruitment.”

Cynthia Akins
Environmental Services Director

In addition to helping Knollwood achieve certification, the green cleaning training provided by the Building Wellness Institute delivered benefits to the community and the facility’s management that extend beyond certification. The training program provided Knollwood with an overarching strategy to improve and sustain environmental wellness through best practices and awareness. By learning more about how cleaning products impact residents and staff, Knollwood has been able to improve the quality of its overall care, reduce the impacts on the environment and make the facility much more attractive to those who are seeking a dynamic continuing care retirement community. Knollwood now has a formalized training program to address its concern for the environmental health of the entire community of residents, healthcare providers and visitors.

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