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Building Wellness Institute Joins the Healthful Buildings Partnership.

February 2, 2011

The Healthful Buildings Partnership, a coalition of building owners, facility managers and service providers, has selected the Building Wellness Institute to provide building audit and training services. Participants in the Healthful Buildings program adhere to science-based standards for cleaning to protect health and the environment established by Green Seal, one of the nation’s leading environmental certification organizations.

“The Healthful Buildings Partnership addresses several important issues regarding public health and environmental sustainability,” says Marion Stecklow, Executive Director of the Building Wellness Institute. “Building owners and managers are increasingly skeptical of green washing claims, but they often lack the time and expertise to develop comprehensive policies based on scientific standards. Unfortunately, much of what is sold as “green” today is simply slick marketing.” 

Participants in the Healthful Buildings Partnership receive a customized Green and Healthy Cleaning Policy that meets rigorous standards set by Green Seal. The building’s cleaning staff or contractor receive training in the Green Seal GS-42 standard, and building managers are provided with support for communicating the benefits of their program to building occupants. According to Stecklow,“this comprehensive approach is just what building owners and managers have been looking for to make a difference in protecting health and the environment.”

Participation in the Healthful Buildings Partnership is open to commercial or government office buildings, schools and universities, and apartment or retirement communities. For more information, visit

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