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Daycon Launches Building Wellness Institute

New organization's GS-42 accredited green cleaning training improves the health of building occupants and paves the way to environmental wellness recognition

SILVER SPRING, MD, May 27, 2009—Daycon Products Company, Inc., one of the largest cleaning and maintenance suppliers, today announced that its green cleaning training division, Penguin Care, is now an independent organization with a new name and expanded mission. The Building Wellness Institute is dedicated to providing building service contractors (BSCs) and facility/environmental services managers the training they need to meet the requirements of the Green Seal® GS-42 certification program.

The Building Wellness Institute expands on Penguin Care’s current training program and scope of services to address the growing demand among businesses, schools, universities and other facilities to adopt green cleaning best practices and attain green cleaning certification. For BSCs and facility/environmental services staff, the Building Wellness Certification Training program meets the training requirements for GS-42 and the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS). For buildings, completion of the program provides points toward LEED certification.

“When we talked to our customers throughout the Maryland, Virginia and D.C. area, they all expressed a need to improve the health of their indoor environments through best practices and certification, but lacked the tools or solutions to get there,” said Bobby Cohen, Chairman of Daycon. “The Building Wellness Institute provides the training and services these groups need to become recognized as environmental wellness leaders and differentiate their buildings or services from the crowd.”

The Building Wellness Institute’s unique approach to green cleaning training and consulting is based on the application of science to the cleaning and maintenance of indoor spaces, and designed to protect the health of building occupants and the environment. A scientific advisory board comprised of physicians and environmental specialists adds technical expertise to all programs. In addition to its GS-42 accredited training program, the Building Wellness Institute also provides consulting and assessment services to help organizations develop and execute green cleaning initiatives that align with their environmental wellness goals, requirements and budgets.

About the Building Wellness Institute

The Building Wellness Institute helps facility managers, building owners, building service contractors (BSCs), and environmental services staff protect the health and comfort of their building occupants through comprehensive training, consulting and assessment programs. Our training programs and services, delivered by seasoned professionals with cross-discipline expertise in occupational and environmental medicine, public health, industrial hygiene, toxicology, and chemical engineering, are designed to facilitate GS-42 certification, gain points toward LEED certification, and support a wide range of environmental wellness goals. For commercial buildings, long-term care facilities, and educational institutions, the Building Wellness Institute enables you to make a vital contribution to public health and the environment that delivers unparalleled gains—in reputation, revenue and regulatory compliance.

About Daycon Products Company, Inc.

Founded in 1942 as a regional supplier of janitorial and sanitary products, Daycon has grown to become one of the largest cleaning and maintenance suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers on the East Coast with retail locations throughout Maryland and Virginia. Today, Daycon manufactures and distributes its own name brand, offers a complete range of cleaning equipment supplies, and delivers a unique line of services and programs that include professional training, equipment repair and installation, integrated supply, team renovation services, and vendor managed inventory. The company maintains a strong industry and community focus through initiatives that include plastic bottle recycling, job creation for visually impaired individuals, sponsorship of kids’ camps and elementary schools, and involvement in the cleanup and revitalization of downtown Washington, D.C.

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