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Rising Above the Competition and Winning Contracts With a GS-42 Compliant Green Cleaning Program.

The Wilburn Company, Inc. (TWC), a family-run business established in 1998, has enjoyed rapid growth over the past 10 years, having expanded from servicing one million square feet of commercial property to a current portfolio that includes a combined 7.5 million square feet of commercial and government space. TWC’s growth and continuing success is largely the result of its ability to compete for and win government contracts that increasingly include compliancy requirements with green cleaning standards such as Green Seal™ GS-42 or Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certification.  

Most government contracts for facility services now require a Green Seal compliant cleaning program. The bottom line is that if you don’t qualify, then you won’t win.”

Jimmy Wilburn
The Wilburn Company, Inc.

TWC recognized early on that in order to compete for business, today’s facility services companies must have green cleaning programs in place. Completing the Building Wellness Certification Training program in the winter of 2008 has enabled TWC to fulfill green cleaning contract requirements and help its customers achieve LEED-EB certification. As a result of its ability rise above the competition, the company recently helped the prime bidder on a large government contract win because its GS-42 compliant program proved to be the key differentiator.

In addition to providing the tools and best practices necessary to establish a successful green cleaning program, Building Wellness Certification Training also helped the TWC staff understand the implications of the procedures and products it uses, both for the environment and the business of cleaning. Today, TWC’s ability to meet green cleaning contract requirements is paying dividends for its staff and its customers.

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Demonstrating a Commitment to Green Cleaning Training that Benefits Cleaning Staff and Customers.

CRS Facility Services (crs) provides commercial contract cleaning, mechanical maintenance personnel, marble/stone restoration and other custodial-related services. With offices in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Florida, crs has a combined 120 years experience in the janitorial industry and a successful track record of personalized service for clients and state-of-the-art training for its employees.

crs demonstrates its commitment to its employees and to the health of its building occupants through an internal training program that parallels the latest standards of “green” cleaning as established under the Green Seal™ guidelines. Building Wellness Certification Training provided the foundation for crs’s own green cleaning initiatives and paved the way for GS-42 certification. The training provided crs with the best practices and procedures it needed to ensure that its own cleaning policies are understood, and to maintain the highest level of safety and awareness among its staff.

“For us, the Building Wellness Certification Training program reinforced the positive impact we have on the well being of all those who occupy the buildings we clean. And in addition to providing the tools we need to implement our green cleaning program, it helped strengthen our commitment to the care of our customers.”

Doralba Hebden
Operations Manager
CRS Facility Services

In addition to raising awareness of the importance of green, healthy cleaning among all staff members, crs’s continued commitment to green cleaning training—and its achievement of GS-42 certification—are also benefiting its customers. Of the four buildings chosen in 2009 by the U.S. Green Building Council’s National Capital Region Chapter to receive LEED awards of excellence, two (1331 L St., N.W. and the Discovery Communications building) are cleaned by crs—providing further validation that comprehensive GS-42 accredited training generates positive results.

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Committing to the Health of All Building Occupants Through a Sustainable Green Cleaning Program.

Since 1977, Cavalier Services, Inc. has been providing building maintenance services that focus on measured performance and quality standards. With roots as a provider of commercial office building cleaning services, Cavalier now offers a diversified portfolio that includes commercial cleaning, interior and exterior maintenance, and staffing. Over the years, Cavalier has maintained a commitment to quality and responsibility.

That commitment is now reflected in Cavalier’s CavGreen™ program, designed to help clients become leaders in environmentally responsible facility service solutions. The Building Wellness Certification Training program provided Cavalier’s management team with the information and tools it needed to launch the program and successfully earn Green Seal™ GS-42 certification, which it did in December 2008. 

“Earning the Green Seal GS-42 certification provided tangible evidence of Cavalier’s commitment to providing healthier and safer facilities for our clients and their building occupants.”

Linda C. Pendergrass, CQM
Director of Performance Management
Cavalier Services, Inc.

In addition to helping Cavalier develop and implement a sustainability cleaning process, the Building Wellness Certification Training program also enabled the company to effectively train the rest of its workforce in green cleaning best practices and procedures. According to Linda C. Pendergrass, director of Performance Management at Cavalier, “The task of implementing a green cleaning program would have been much more difficult without the knowledge acquired through a GS-42 compliant training program.” As a result, Cavalier is able to offer a program that encompasses more than just green products. The company has adopted processes and procedures necessary to provide a complete program designed around LEED and GS-42 standards.

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For BMS, Going Green Helps Win Customers and Empower Cleaning Staff Through Education and Awareness.

Building Maintenance Service, LLC (BMS) is a fully diversified facility services provider offering engineering, janitorial, security and architectural maintenance services to commercial Class A office owners, luxury hotels, pharmaceutical facilities, and colleges and universities. A wholly owned subsidiary of Vornado Realty Trust, BMS is responsible for servicing Vornado's 60 million square-foot office and retail portfolio, among numerous other clients.

BMS employs 2,000 service professionals across Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York and Boston. Like its parent company, BMS is committed to developing and maintaining indoor environments that enhance the health, productivity and well-being of all building occupants. BMS currently provides services to 25 LEED-registered buildings and was recently awarded a multi-year contract for services to the U.S. Green Building Council's Washington, D.C. headquarters.

BMS understands that going green means establishing a common standard that is practiced and promoted throughout the organization, and that each building maintenance employee must take responsibility and lead this effort in his or her own way. Building Wellness Institute training provided BMS the knowledge it needs to develop and enforce policies, document procedures, set goals for its building maintenance teams, and remain focused on all who occupy its buildings, including employees, tenants and visitors. 

“The Building Wellness Institute training helped our staff understand that their actions generate positive results every day. It has also helped us view the job of building maintenance in a whole new light.” 

Brian M. Snow, LEED AP
Regional Vice President
Building Maintenance Service (BMS)

Building Wellness Certification Training has enabled BMS to assist its building management clients in their efforts to achieve LEED certification. Additionally, the company now promotes green cleaning in all of its buildings through its  publicly displayed “BMS Green Clean” seal. By participating in the training, and by empowering its own staff with the knowledge and skills it needs to lead the effort, BMS has raised the level of public perception to the point where its tenants know that the people who clean their lobbies, offices and other public spaces are contributing to their overall health.

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