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Axent Promotes Environmental Safety and Tenant Retention Through Green Cleaning Best Practices

Axent Realty is committed to quality, excellence and performance, as expressed in its corporate mission, which strives to make a profound and beneficial impact on the productivity of the hundreds of individuals, companies and corporations it reaches. For Executive Vice President Jason Goldblatt, making tenant environments healthier through green cleaning is an extension of this mission. “It is important to us that our tenants and employees feel safe, secure and comforted that they are working in a healthy environment.”

Axent tapped the Building Wellness Institute to provide an initial assessment for a pilot program, in which the company applied LEED guidelines to a five-story, 101,000 square foot Class A office building in suburban Maryland. The Building Wellness Institute conducted an internal audit of tenant spaces, common areas and restrooms, carried out environmental testing, and produced a full report upon completion.

“The Building Wellness Institute helped us expand the scope of property management to embrace the total health of the building.”

Jason Goldblatt
Executive Vice President
Axent Realty Group

As a result, the Building Wellness Institute delivered a set of actionable recommendations for raising the level of Axent’s environmental wellness standards, including retro-fitting bathrooms, installing hand sanitizers throughout the building, using green cleaning products, instituting quarterly monitoring, and launching a tenant education and communication program that highlights the importance of environmental health.

The initial feedback encouraged Axent to implement its environmental wellness program throughout its entire commercial portfolio, in excess of 5 million square feet, over the next several years. Axent foresees even greater results for the future. “The goal for us is healthier occupants and tenants. We believe that goes hand in hand with employee and tenant retention,” said Goldblatt.

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