“The Building Wellness Institute training helped our staff understand that their actions generate positive results every day. It has also helped us view the job of building maintenance in a whole new light.”

—Brian M. Snow, LEED AP, BMS

"Building Wellness Certification Training has enabled us to rise above the competition and win government contracts that increasingly include green cleaning requirements such as GS-42 and CIMS."

—Jimmy Wilburn, President, The Wilburn Company, Inc.

“One of the greatest benefits of working with the Building Wellness Institute is standardization. As a result of your program we are ordering less products, which makes training and control of them easier.”

—S. Leacock, CRS

“The great thing about the training program was learning how to fill the gaps in our policies, document all the things we are doing, and set goals for the future. It has also enabled me to look at the job our industry performs in a whole new light.”

—Erin Porch, BMS

“Our managers not only learned what to do, but also why green cleaning is important. Now we include a section on green cleaning in all our proposals, which has helped us win several contracts.”

—Leroy Dock, GSI

“Everyone is now aware of the importance of the green movement and the benefits that will come from it.”

—J. Williams, University of Virginia Facility Services

“Thanks to the training, I learned how important it is document all of my equipment and to develop a plan for each building on how to communicate with employees, property managers, building contractors and tenants to make sure everyone is using the right products.”

—Mayra Portillo, BMS

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